About IT at FIU

The Division of Information Technology (IT) is Florida International University’s central technology service provider and is led under the direction of Mr. Robert Grillo, Vice President and Chief Information Officer. For more information view our organizational chart.


Our Departments

Office of the Chief Information Officer

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) provides the leadership and communication that supports IT departments in providing excellent technology products and services to the FIU community.

Business Services Office
Our Business Services Office (BSO) manages the administrative efforts of the Division of IT, including finances, travel, and HR. 
PC 536D (MMC) | 305.348.6859 

FIU Panther TECH is our on-campus technology store, providing sales and service to the FIU community.
GC 165 (MMC) | 305.348.8324 | panthertech.fiu.edu | panthertech@fiu.edu | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn 

Enterprise/Applications Solutions (PantherSoft)

PantherSoft manages and maintains all the enterprise administrative systems for the University, including the MyFIU portal, FIU Mobile, Business Intelligence, ImageNow, and EMS (Central Reservation System).
CSC 1134 (MMC) | 305.348.6100 | panthersoft.fiu.edu 

Enterprise Web Services (EWS) is our web development service, supporting the web design, content management, and digital marketing needs of our university.
GL 180M (MMC) | 305.348.0023 | ews.fiu.edu | ews@fiu.edu 

Media & Instructional Technology Services

Media & Instructional Technology Services is comprised of several departments that support the media and instructional technology needs of FIU:  

Academic Imaging Services provides event, studio, and research photography, along with digitization of materials for preservation.
GL 180 (MMC) | 305.348.2821 | academicimaging@fiu.edu 

Academic Video Services (AVS) produces video services for the FIU community, including the recording of lectures and events and promotional videos from concept to completion. AVS also manages the FIU Production Studio, available for use by both the FIU community and the local community at large.
GL 141 (MMC) | 305.348.2820 | academicvideo@fiu.edu | tvstudio.fiu.edu 

Educational Technology Services offers training and support for technologies used in the classroom through workshops and one-on-one sessions for faculty and staff.
GL 150 (MMC) AC-1 (BBC) | 305.348.2814 (MMC) 305.919.5944 (BBC) | training.fiu.edu 

Media Equipment & Operations ensures continuity of classroom instruction through technical instructional support including remote course capture, video conferencing, and equipment rentals.
GL 177 | 305.348.2815 | mediaeqp@fiu.edu 

Network & Operational Security

The Information Security Office (ISO) is responsible for protecting the systems that collect, process, transmit, and store data by implementingsafeguards that protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and systems.
305.348.3591 | security@fiu.edu | security.fiu.edu 

Network Services

Network Services supplies FIU with the infrastructure and support needed to maintain the phone and network services at FIU, along with the University Operators, who provide directory assistance and general information to the community at 305.348.2000. 

Operations & Enterprise Systems

Operations & Enterprise Systems’ main role is to oversee all activities concerning the IT-managed servers at FIU, including administration, maintenance, monitoring and upgrades of our data infrastructure. Other departments under Operations & Enterprise Systems include: 

Computer Labs for both instructional and student use on FIU’s major campuses, along with eLabs, our virtual lab offering. 
Instructional Lab Locations | Open Computer Labs for Students Locations | eLabs 

Instructional and Research Computing Center (IRCC) provides technologies for faculty and their students to enhance their academic curriculum and research, including High-Performance Computing, a Virtual Computing Lab, and a Video Wall used for large-screen presentations and high-res viewing of research data.
305.348.8188 | ircc@fiu.edu | ircc.fiu.edu 

Center for Internet Augmented Research and Assessment

The Center for Internet Augmented Research and Assessment (CIARA) assesses and measures FIU’s effectiveness in the use of technology to augment the rate of discovery for domain researchers by fostering a domain-specific tailoring of Internet technologies to support faculty research, and in the process improve graduate education
PC 312 (MMC) | 305.348.4105 | ciara@fiu.edu | ciara.fiu.edu 

Windows Enterprise Group/Support Center

Our Support Center is comprised of our Call Center (for phone, chat, and AskIT portal support), Library Services desk (for in-person technical support), and Field Team (for remote and desk-side technical support to FIU-owned technology). 
The HUB in Green Library | 305.348.2284 | it.fiu.edu/askit 

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO) assists the Division of IT plan and execute strategic projects. This includes defining and managing scope, schedule, costs, risks, resources and communication. 

The Division of Information Technology (IT) is Florida International University’s central technology service provider and is led under the direction of Mr. Robert Grillo, Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

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