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FIU Accounts

Individual Accounts

Your FIU account provides you with a single sign-on solution. Many of the FIU sites you regularly sign in to (like PantherMail, FIUmail, FIU’s wireless networks, FIU Online, etc.) are linked with the same username and password. This solution provides a centralized method for changing passwords, requesting accounts, and managing access to many of the IT-managed systems.

All users must enroll their contact information for account recovery purposes. This will allow you to easily reset your password in the future. Learn more about account recovery.

FIU Account FAQs
What is my initial username and password?
Why am I being asked for my contact information?
Will I be forced to change my password the first time I log in to a FIU service (e.g. MyFIU)?
When I change my password, how long does it take for the new password to go into effect?
When I change my password, which systems will be affected?

Department/Club Accounts

Departmental accounts function similarly to individual accounts. However, since there is no individual contact information associated with the account, the way to recover/change passwords is different. Because of this, you will not be prompted for your account recovery contact information when logging in to an FIU system.

Department Accounts

If a department’s account password is forgotten: Receive a temporary password by contacting the Division of IT Support Center at (305) 348-2284. Once you have received a temporary password, use this password on MyAccounts and proceed with a password reset.
If a department’s accounts password is known: Visit MyAccounts and proceed with a password reset.

Club Accounts

Contact Campus Life to fill out your password reset form. The Division of IT’s User Account Management Team will reset your password and provide it to the club owner.