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Data Backup Solutions

Using computer data is necessary to workplace productivity; therefore, having data backup software is vital. As an employee of the FIU community, you are invited to use our backup solution provided by CrashPlan.

CrashPlan ProE is available to all faculty and staff for at no cost to protect FIU data.

What is CrashPlan

CrashPlan is an online cloud storage tool designed to back up select files that are stored on FIU-owned PCs and Macs. Once backed up, these files are in a secure space and can be easily retrieved in the event that the original file is lost, damaged, or deleted. All files are encrypted and only the user has access to them.

How It Works

CrashPlan is designed to securely back up select files from your computer onto the Code42 Cloud, CrashPlan’s secure data warehouse. Files are encrypted before they are sent to the warehouse. Code42 and the Division of IT do not have access to your backups.

After you have installed and set-up CrashPlan, the application runs automatically and silently in the background while you use your computer. Total storage size is unlimited for a maximum of four devices, and there is no limit placed on individual file sizes. You can then access and restore these files back to your computer at any time.

Where to Download

CrashPlan is available to download via SharePoint for PC and Mac (please use FIU email and password to log in) and our Software Center (on AD joined PCs).

CrashPlan is also available for FIU students and faculty and staff members’ personal computers at a discounted rate. To subscribe to CrashPlan for your personal machine, visit and register with your FIU e-mail address.
How to Install
What account information should I use for CrashPlan?
What will CrashPlan back up?
How do I get CrashPlan on my personal machine?
Where exactly will my data be stored?
Can I prevent CrashPlan from backing up specific files/folders?
Can CrashPlan back up my files while my computer is asleep?
If I delete a file, will it also be removed from CrashPlan when it updates?
What if the backup is incomplete and I need to reboot, shut down, or put my computer to sleep?
Will CrashPlan cause my computer to run slower?
What is the frequency of backups?
How secure is CrashPlan?
How do I access my files?
What happens when I leave FIU?
Can I restore my data without installing the CrashPlan client?
Does CrashPlan offer a file versioning system so that I may access older files?
Do I need to be connected to the AnyConnect VPN client every time I log into CrashPlan PROe?
What does it mean to adopt another computer on CrashPlan?
Who to Contact for Support

Support is available from the Division of IT Call Center at (305) 348-2284. Call Center hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M., US Eastern Time.