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Data Loss Prevention

Encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) were implemented by the Division of IT to protect university data. For more information about these initiatives, please review our frequently asked questions below.

What is the purpose of Data Loss Prevention & Encryption?
What is data in motion?
What is data at rest?
I received a DLP notification pop-up message, what does this mean?
How can I find out if I have sensitive data at rest on my hard drive?
Where should I save files with sensitive information?
What is whole disk encryption?
How do I know if my hard drive has been encrypted with the supported McAfee drive encryption?
Will the Data Loss Prevention or Encryption software be deployed to my Apple workstation?
Can I use another encryption product to secure my workstation data?
I currently use another encryption product to secure my data – what do I need to do?
What should I do if I have issues with DLP or encryption?