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Online Video (Mediasite)

Mediasite, by Sonic Foundry, Inc., is the Division of Information Technology’s new video management platform available to all faculty, staff, and students. With Mediasite, you can get recorded video knowledge to your audience quickly and reliably. Mediasite allows you to:

  • Record your desktop,
  • Manage, secure, deliver, search and analyze videos created from our Course Capture services,
  • Conduct online training,
  • Create conference presentations,
  • And much more.

To upload to Mediasite, you can easily record screen casts and rich video from any laptop, upload video captured with mobile devices, manage all user-generated content, and share videos with others from a simple user-friendly interface called MyMediasite.

Additionally, Mediasite’s search options use advanced indexing technology to locate videos quickly based on keyword searches. The Analytics features allow you to measure learning outcomes or program effectiveness by monitoring who is watching what and when. Mediasite’s Editor functionality allows you to edit your recorded content, and the Security features in Mediasite ensure that only authorized users can access your content.

To access Mediasite:

  1. Point your browser to and click on Authenticate
  2. Enter your FIU username and password

Note: To access Mediasite via the MyMediasite portal, you must be an active faculty/staff member or a currently enrolled student.

Frequently Asked Questions

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