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High Performance Computing

In many cases, being able to tackle large-scale problems requires the ability to process and store large data sets. The Instructional and Research Computing Center within the Division of Information Technology is now offering High-Performance Computing, or HPC, available via our Panther Cluster. By using our Panther Cluster, faculty and their students have the ability to examine complex scientific and engineering problems that would otherwise be impossible to solve without high-performance power.

Our Panther Cluster includes:

  • 1500 Intel based cores
  • 7500 GB physical RAM
  • 250 TB high-performance parallel storage
  • Redundant log-in and management nodes
  • Over 200 software packages installed, including Matlab (parallel), Revolution R, ANSYS, COMSOL, and many more
  • LSF scheduler
  • Enterprise-grade distribution systems
  • 24/7/365 access

Special Hardware Features:

  • High memory nodes: 64 – 128 GB (4GB – 8GB core)
  • Infiniband notes: up to 56Gbps network
  • GBU nodes
  • Visualization nodes for remote interactive graphical software

To obtain an account on the Panther Cluster, visit our Online Service Request System. For more information about HPC at FIU, visit HPC on the Instructional and Research Computing Center site.