Transition to Cisco Unity Voicemail

On November 2, the Division of IT will roll out a new voicemail system, as our current voicemail product is phasing out support this December.


What do I need to do before November 2?

The new Cisco Unity Connection environment will be available for account setup from October 21 through November 2. During that time, you must:

1. Call in to your voicemail by dialing 7-1000 from your on-campus desk phone.

2. If you are prompted for your ID, enter your 5-digit extension.

3. Follow the prompts to set up your PIN and record your name and greeting.

  • If you receive your voicemail in your email, your transition PIN is 36245.
  • If you do not receive your voicemail in your email, your transition PIN is 86245.
  • Follow the instructions to set up your PIN.

4. Check your messages on the previous system before November 2.

  • If you do not currently receive voicemail messages in your email, your voicemail messages will not be saved.
  • Call 305.348.4000 and take note of any important information you may have saved in your voicemail before November 2.
Why is FIU moving to a new system?

Microsoft is phasing out support for our current voicemail product on December 1, 2019. Because of this, the Division of IT will roll out Cisco Unity Connection, a new voicemail system that better aligns with our voice platform.

What's changing?

Your voicemail experience will be similar to how it is now, with some key changes:

  • Your voicemail access will change. After November 2, you will use (305) 348-1000 (7-1000) and a new voicemail PIN.
  • Your current greeting will not move to the new system. You will be able record a new greeting as part of setting up your new mailbox. 
  • Your saved voicemail messages will not move over to the new system. Please take note of any important information that may be stored in your current voicemail inbox.
  • Your keypad numbers and terms that define the way you manage your voicemail may change. More information on managing your voicemail with your keypad is available in our infographic.
  • Your voice commands will not change. For example, you will still be able to say “Play messages” at the main menu. Other voice commands you will be able to use include: Repeat message, next message, save, delete, reply, forward and message properties. For a complete list, view our infographic.
What are the benefits of the new voicemail system?

Benefits include:

  • Highly Secure
  • Multiple greetings may be recorded per mailbox
  • Quick and easy access to your messages
  • Email integration
  • Better integration to our existing university phone system
I'm having trouble accessing my voicemail after the transition. Where can I find support?

If you can’t access the portal, notice your voicemail messages are not being forwarded to your email, have been locked out of your voicemail, or are experiencing other difficulties accessing your voicemail, contact our IT Support Center.

The Division of Information Technology (IT) is Florida International University’s central technology service provider and is led under the direction of Mr. Robert Grillo, Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

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