Science DMZ

Research is global in scope, requiring collaborations across institutions nationally and internationally.  Resources for research, such as devices that either generate or consume data, computational clusters for data intensive computations or storage clusters to store data, are increasingly used by researchers at FIU. These resources, connected to the FIU campus network, are referred to as Research Cyberinfrastructure (or Research CI) – examples of this include our Wall of Wind (WOW), High- Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster, and the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) instrument.

Leveraging the National Science Foundation (NSF) and our Student Technology Fee, the Division of Information Technology has established the FIU Science DMZ to facilitate faculty and student research projects.  As in a military context, a science demilitarized zone (DMZ), partitions the network and is optimized for high-performance scientific applications rather than for general-purpose campus enterprise systems.